Private Investigation Agency Singapore 

Kokusai investigator provides an exceptional range of investigation services including background checking, fraud investigations, specializing in matrimonial, relationship matters, missing person, corporate investigation in the Singapore. 100% secure and confidential. Kokusai Security Pte Ltd was founded in April 1984. Our founding members comprise public officers who have experience in police and armed forces training.

Our agency has many years of experience in resolving private and public cases and is composed of highly skilled, intelligent, energetic, creative and well trained professionals who are always up-to-date in their respective fields and have past experience with police. Our team focuses on quality research rather than quantity. Choose Karma Security Personal Investigation Services for a better future and sustainability in life.

As mentioned, private detective agency Singapore can provide the same and better quality of work than other private detectives around the world. Even without traditional investigators and detection training or training, the industry continues to grow and improve in Singapore, and so too with investigators and technology. This makes investigators more competitive and continues to develop outstanding technologies. And at a reasonable rate, customers can expect a great job as a private detective.

Therefore, within the reach of accessibility, cost and reliability, Singapore Investigators can reliably meet your requirements. With the ability to compare at the global level, you do not have to worry about the quality of the results. Singapore’s research and detection industry is growing rapidly, and there is also the ability to bring these services to the world. Find more information about the range of services offered by other companies.

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Hire the top private investigator in Singapore at a low cost. Kokusai private detective offers the best investigation services include surveillance, background checks, Private investigation services, fraud, Grounds for Divorce, a missing person, catch cheating spouse, child custody, civil and commercial investigation, etc.

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